Are you Interested in Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine?
Please Read the Following Fact Sheets:

Harbor Beach Community Hospital is Currently Vaccinating:

Priority Group 1A

Priority group 1A includes:

• Students (medical/nursing/physician assistant/other clinical students)

• Residents and fellows in training in any specialty program who are involved in direct patient care

• Volunteers who interface directly with patients

• Nurses, physical therapists, respiratory therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, social workers, discharge planners, patient  care associates, phlebotomists, blood bank technicians, radiology technicians, or any other support staff who interfaces with patients

• Dentists, optometrists, dental hygienists

• Chaplains

• Hospital security guards who may interface with patients

• Clerical staff in any area of the facility who may interface with patients

• Environmental services staff in any area of your facility who may interface with patients or infectious material directly or indirectly

• Food service workers who may serve patients, their families, or employees

• Pharmacists and laboratory workers (even if they do not interface with patients)

• Physicians who may interface with patients

• Outpatient substance use disorder treatment facilities

• Any of the above who work in any outpatient setting, dialysis centers, rehabilitation centers, dental clinics, urgent care, hyperbaric centers, infusion centers, rehabilitation facilities, or any other area that is involved in direct patient care who’s job location may not be physically connected to a hospital

• Other job titles that may not be listed above, but who work in a healthcare setting and may indirectly or directly come in contact with patients

*Please note if you fall in Priority Group 1A and are not able to get the vaccine from your employer, please call Harbor Beach Community Hospital at (989)479-3201 to make arrangements to receive the vaccine. Limited quantities are available, and recipients may need to show proof of eligibility.