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Kevin Richardson, RRT Cardiopulmonary Department Manager and patient Kelley-Anne Smith

Cardiopulmonary Services

Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT) 

What are pulmonary function tests (PFTs)?

Pulmonary function tests (PFTs) are a group of tests that measure how well your lungs work. This includes how well you’re able to breathe and how effective your lungs are able to bring oxygen to the rest of your body.

Why are these tests done?

Your doctor will order these tests to determine how your lungs are working. If you already have a condition that’s affecting your lungs, your doctor may order this test to see if the condition is progressing or how it’s responding to treatment.

PFTs can help diagnose:


To schedule your pulmonary function testing, please call Central Scheduling at 989-479-5024. Please note a doctor's order is required for this test. 

Pulmonary Rehab

What is Pulmonary Rehabilitation?

Pulmonary Rehab is designed for the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with cardiopulmonary disease. Our Respiratory Care and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program is physician directed and provides an individualized personal treatment plan. Our Pulmonary Rehab Program includes diagnostic testing, therapeutic exercise, educational training, and outcomes assessment as part of your individualized treatment plan. 

Expected Outcomes Include:

  • Reduced respiratory symptoms

  • increased strength and exercise endurance

  • increased knowledge about your respiratory condition and management of your healthcare

  • Reduced tobacco consumption

  • Improved quality of life and independence

  • minimized anxiety and depression

  • Reduced exacerbations and hospitalizations

  • The ability to return to work for many patients

For more information about our Pulmonary Rehab
program please call (989)479-3945 to speak with
Danielle Stanton RRT RCP, Program Director. Please
note a doctor's order is required for Pulmonary
Rehabilitation Services. 

Additional Information:
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Brochure

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