Emergency Services:


Harbor Beach Community Hospital's Emergency Department team provides highly skilled, up-to-date, professional care for all those coming to the hospital with an emergency condition. Emergency Care is provided by a Physician or Physician Assistant on site, and Registered Nurses who are Certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and ready to meet any emergency need 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

When you come to our Emergency Department your care will begin immediately and our staff will provide for all your emergency needs in a professional, comprehensive and caring manner. We understand your need for immediate care and strive to exceed your expectations by providing quality emergency treatment in a quick and efficient manner

Dr. Donaldson 
Dr. White 
Dr. Felton
Dr.  Glatz
Dr. Wooters
Dr. Hutchinson
Dr. Kilanowski-Doroh
Dr. Ramsey
Dr. Bradley
Dr. Hang
Dr.  Shisler
Dr.  Eng
Dr.  Fadi
Dr.  Nguyen
Dr.  Hope
Dr.  Khan