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About Us


Harbor Beach Community Hospital (HBCH) is proud to be a very important part of our community. In addition to providing quality health care close to home, we sponsor programs that promote preventive health and general well being. Our Student Health Center focuses not only on physical health of students in Harbor Beach, but also on their social and emotional health as well.

We are licensed by the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as a Critical Access Hospital (CAH). We are proud to offer a full range of patient services - from laboratory and diagnostic imaging to inpatient care and surgical services.

As a CAH, we have the opportunity to network with larger facilities. This allows us to access a wider spectrum of services. While we are able to provide a majority of the healthcare services you may need, our relationship with larger facilities ensures your needs that fall outside the scope of a community hospital are met.

At HBCH, besides offering a full range of inpatient and hospital services, we have an attached 30-bed Extended Care Facility with rehabilitation services. Having this unit attached to our hospital allows us to provide our residents immediate access to a full range of hospital services.

Our Mission, Vision & Values:


HBCH serves the community of Harbor Beach and surrounding communities by providing excellence in patient care and service. Our mission to Provide Community Access to Quality Health Care is accomplished through the collective efforts of our staff and administration and is guided by our values, which spell out PERFECTION:

  • Professionalism

  • Excellence

  • Respect

  • Friendliness

  • Efficiency

  • Compassion

  • Teamwork

  • Integrity

  • Outreach

  • Networking

As we strive to work in partnership with our patients and families, our staff and administration, our physicians and our community, we put our "values in action" in hopes of achieving our vision to be the community's first choice for healthcare.

In 1920, the Huron Milling Company of Harbor Beach acquired the property on the corner of Broad and First Streets on which sat two frame buildings. On this property, a hospital was created to serve their employees and the community of Harbor Beach. Huron Milling built a brick faced, fireproof building consisting of four private rooms and four 3-bed wards, a laboratory, and an operating room. The original hospital provided the most modern healthcare services in Huron County.
In 1956, Hercules Powder Company acquired the hospital through the purchase of Huron Milling Company. In 1957, the hospital was donated to the community and became known as Harbor Beach Community Hospital. It soon became apparent that a new hospital was needed to meet the area's needs. In 1961, a public fund-raising program was conducted to raise funds towards the construction of a new hospital.
In 1963, our present hospital opened its doors to the community of Harbor Beach. In 1975, the community was again called upon to unite behind a common goal to expand the services offered. This project included a new wing with 40 skilled nursing care beds, the replacement of ten beds in the acute care unit, and the expansion of the dietary, medical records and administrative departments.


Early in 2004, the Village of Port Hope submitted a grant application for infrastructure upgrades which would support a medical clinic in the Port Hope Community. The grant was awarded in the fall of 2004. In cooperation with the village, HBCH constructed the Port Hope Medical Clinic, which opened its doors in July of 2005, providing the Village with a physician office for the first time since 1985.


Over the years, many new services such as ultrasound, CT scanning, nuclear medicine testing, pulmonary function testing, and bone density scanning have been added. Harbor Beach Community Hospital continues to develop and maintain services, strengthen networking relationships and strive for excellence in its endeavor to be the community's first choice for healthcare.

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