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Senior Life Solutions:


The Senior Life Solutions is an intensive outpatient program for older adults in Harbor Beach and surrounding areas. This program is available to older adults who may be experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety or who are struggling with late-life changes such as loss, grief, isolation, loneliness, or adjustment to an illness. Older adults are seen several times a week by a team of professionals including a board-certified psychiatrist, registered nurse and social worker in collaboration with their primary care physician. The Senior Life Solutions program addresses the emotional and behavioral health of adults primarily over the age of 65. Through a combination of therapies, education, and wellness programs, Senior Life Solutions assists older adults in developing living skills that help them cope with problems that may accompany the aging process. Anyone can make a referral to Senior Life Solutions, including primary care physicians, specialists, family members, friends, community groups, and nursing or residential facilities. 

Psychiatrists - Dr. Picone, DO 

Program Director: Susan Rochefort, RN

Therapist: Trina Fairman, LMSW, CDP, QMHP, QIDP

Location: Senior Life Solutions
204 S. Huron Ave.
Harbor Beach, MI 48441

Phone:(989) 479-0200

Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4:30pm



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