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Diabetic Education:


Why Attend Diabetic Education Classes?

· Learn what Diabetes is

· Learn why you should be checking your blood sugar

· Learn when is the best times to check your blood sugar

· Learn what carbohydrates are and how many you should be eating

· Learn healthy coping skills

· Learn about medications, food groups, blood glucose meters, and more!

2020 Group Diabetic Education Schedule

Due to COVID19, Diabetic Education Sessions will take place one-on-one with the Diabetic Education Instructor. Please call Central Scheduling at (989)479-5024 to set up a class time that works for you. 

Insurance Coverage
In most cases your health insurance provider will cover up to 2 hours per year with a Dietitian and up to 10 hours per year with a Diabetic Educator. After the initial visit, yearly check ups are always covered. We suggest that you contact your
insurance provider to confirm that it is a covered benefit within your insurance coverage.


Meet the Instructor
Michelle Pasiak is a Registered Nurse and Certified
Diabetes Instructor. She has over twenty years of
experience in the healthcare field and seven years of
experience in Diabetic Education and Cardiac
Rehabilitation. The Diabetes Education sessions will
focus on healthy eating habits, use of medications for
Diabetes, coping skills, exercise, checking your blood
sugar, and more! Please contact Michelle Pasiak, R.N.,
Diabetic Educator at (989)479-3929 with any questions.

Class Location:
Harbor Beach Hospital Medical Arts Building
229 S. Huron Ave.
Harbor Beach, MI 48441

To Register for Diabetic Education Classes
Please Call Central Scheduling at (989)479-5024. 


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